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Once hired, we make sure newcomers are integrated in a structured fashion and feel like part of the team. Just how do we do that?

Bringing new railroaders onboard

CN’s unique Onboarding program prepares all new employees across our network for their railroading career. Spanning the first 18 to 24 months of their careers, Onboarding teaches new hires consistently, and allows us to get to know them and for them to get familiar with both their fellow railroaders and the business.

The program’s success lies in the fact that it doesn’t just tell new railroaders about the HR programs applicable to them. It’s also about them understanding what is expected of them, having all the necessary tools to do their job, and connecting with other railroaders so they can learn about the business from its people, including its leaders. When they get a broader view and understand how their role ties in to the big picture, they can be better contributors and change agents.

But educating them about the business isn’t all...

Showing the full value of our offering

CN offers competitive compensation and comprehensive benefit programs to retain our talented professionals and help them lead healthy lives.

As new employees join CN, it is important that they understand the true value of our offering. By taking the time to go through the details of their salary, benefits and pension programs with them, it is clear that our total compensation package really is tough to beat. It includes:

  • Base salary
  • Employee savings and share ownership plans (of which over 75% of our current employees are members)
  • Benefits programs
  • Pension and/or 401K  plans
  • Variable incentives for non-unionized employees
  • Employee discounts

We regularly review the wide range of CN compensation and benefit programs to ensure that we remain competitive in our offering.