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Equity, Safety and Well Being

Our organization is only as healthy as our best assets — our employees! So it follows…the healthier our people, the healthier our company is by all measures.

Here’s how CN provides a safe, supportive and healthy workplace to all its railroaders.

Employment equity and diversity

Inclusion, diversity and tolerance are important at CN. They also produce better business outcomes by tapping into each person's unique talents and perspectives to improve service, efficiency and the bottom line. They also make CN an even better place to work.

Through our partnerships with various associations, sponsorships, community outreach programs and internal efforts to promote the benefits of workplace diversity through our Diversity Leadership Council, CN is creating a more representative, inclusive, productive and innovative work environment for all its people.

In the United States…

  • We are an affirmative action, equal employment opportunity employer, engaged in the affirmative recruitment of women, minorities and veterans.
  • We look for opportunities inside CN to raise awareness of the importance of Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Reasonable accommodation ensures respect for people and their differences. CN is committed to complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA") and all applicable state laws.

In Canada…

  • Our efforts are ongoing to promote the company as an employer of choice to potential candidates from the four designated groups in Canada (aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, women and members of visible minorities
  • We look for opportunities inside CN to raise awareness on the importance of Employment Equity.
  • Reasonable accommodation ensures respect for people and their differences. CN has an accommodation policy and guidelines for Canadian employees.
  • We offer Diversity Scholarships to best-in-class women, members of Aboriginal communities and military veterans.

Human Rights

Upholding the human rights of our employees and the public at large is simply the right thing to do.

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person, regardless of characteristics such as age, race and color, religion, disability, gender and sexual orientation, and they are embodied in our Code of Business Conduct — by which every CN employee must abide. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form and we hold all CN leaders responsible for the enforcement of Human Rights legislation and corporate policies. These policies and guidelines confirm our support of human rights and non-discrimination in the various jurisdictions where we operate — every day.


CN is also committed to providing a non-discriminatory, harassment-free work environment.

These policies also protect our customers, suppliers and contractors.

Furthermore, we respond promptly to complaints and work to ensure they are resolved quickly and confidentially.

Health and Wellness

Health and safety are things we take very seriously at CN. At the end of the day, we want everyone get home to their families safely.

As part of our ongoing commitment to keep our people healthy, safe and protected, we have zero tolerance for violence in the workplace, as stated in CN’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, applicable in both Canada and the U.S. We also have zero tolerance for drug and alcohol impairment in the workplace. In Canada, CN enforces the company's drug and alcohol policy to minimize operational risk while in the U.S., CN complies with established rules and regulations governing drug and alcohol testing.