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To foster a culture of employee engagement, we are focused not only on attracting and retaining great employees but also on strengthening our connection with them.

And while we dedicate much of our efforts to attracting and onboarding new hires, we also connect with our entire workforce, both newer and more seasoned employees alike.

Forging solid working relationships

Fostering collaborative relationships with our union partners is another crucial way to connect with our employees, given that around 80% of CN’s population is unionized. Such efforts help us manage and adapt to changing times, and we have seen great cooperative initiatives result from such partnerships.

Two great examples are explained below. We need to build on successes like these and continue to work with these partners to help address challenges as they surface.

Better-informed employees are better employees

We have a number of communication tools to keep employees informed about all things CN-related, including Notes from Claude, a monthly letter from our CEO; a company magazine; an e-newsletter featuring employee stories and achievements; departmental publications; quarterly financial results and more.

The CN ePortal is by far our most used and consulted resource, containing company and employee news, job-specific tools and references, as well as information and transactions specific to each CN employee. Online tools like this and email also help ensure we communicate consistently with our thousands of employees working both in offices and in the field.

Giving credit where credit is due

It’s no secret: recognition helps build engagement.

Shedding light on our people’s achievements demonstrates to them and others across the system that we’re proud of them while also setting an example. Though there are several other ways, the ultimate recognition is the President's Awards for Excellence.

Find out more about our President’s Awards and some of our other forms of recognition at CN.

“Family Days” are good for business

Recognizing the importance of family and its role in career decision-making, CN supports fun, family-friendly events throughout the year for employees and their families.

Taking the pulse

How we communicate with our employees and what we communicate with them about is largely shaped by the feedback and ideas our employees share with us through the company-wide surveys we conduct throughout the year. Their feedback gives us the pulse on issues that impact them.

Getting Involved

Our various programs provide ways for employees to get involved and give back to the communities they serve and to their fellow railroaders. They are also a great source of pride for those taking part in them.

Explore some of the ways CN people do good.