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As our retiring employees exit the workforce, we are proud so many new railroaders are choosing CN as their employer. We are growing, welcoming thousands of new railroaders, and we are more than ready for this demographic shift.

Replenishing our workforce

Workforce renewal is a concern for every railroad in North America. Why? A large percentage of current railroaders throughout the industry is nearing retirement age. But this challenge also means great opportunities for job seekers and future railroaders!

Within a five-year period, we expect a turnover of close to 50% of our current workforce. In anticipation of this shift, workforce planning and recruitment are some of the critical initiatives we are focusing on.

To continue to be a leader in the North American transportation industry, we must attract the right people, at the right place and at the right time. By making significant investments to educate candidates about our jobs, our business and what we stand for, and by focusing on key initiatives like the ones below, we make sure we are hiring qualified and diverse candidates who have the right fit and skills for CN.