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Transportation Education

By supporting transportation education, CN is inspiring and helping today's youth become tomorrow's railroaders. Why the effort? It all comes down to future economic growth.

Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s leaders who will...

  • Shape the success of our company in the years to come as our future leaders.
  • Bolster the North American economy, since North America's economic competitiveness and prosperity is closely linked to the strength of our transportation infrastructure.

We promote and support post-secondary education in the areas of transportation and transportation policy that include:

  • Relevant trade and apprenticeship programs
  • Transportation-related college and university programs
  • Scholarship and bursary programs that support the pursuit of transportation education.

If your organization has a relevant program in the field of transportation education and it does not meet any of our exceptions, we invite you to submit a proposal for consideration to the CN Stronger Communities Fund.