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In an Increasingly complex global marketplace, we recognize the importance of diversity at all levels of our Company. Diversity enables us to better understand and respond to the needs of our stakeholders, access a larger talent pool, and increase the effectiveness of our decision-making through a wider range of perspectives, experiences, concerns and sensibilities. Increasing diversity to reflect the customers and communities we serve is essential to maintaining our competitive focus and contributes to enhanced performance.

Our Initiatives
Company-wide diversity objectives and programs have been established across our business.

At the Board level, our Diversity Policy articulates our commitment to select qualified and diverse Board candidates. In 2015, we adopted a target to have at a minimum one-third of the Board represented by women. We also ensure our talent review succession planning for senior management positions meet our diversity goals.

Building a
Diverse Team of Railroaders

Our Diversity Leadership council is responsible for enhancing diversity and CN's cultural competence, while providing oversight on targeted diversity outreach programs covering Aboriginal people, women, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

CN Women
Promoted in Canada


of promotions in Canada were filled by women and the number of women hired in skilled trade positions has more than doubled on a year-over-year basis in 2014.


Working at CN

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Aboriginal Affairs

Aboriginal Relations

We have developed relationships with diverse Aboriginal groups across Canada. We have adopted an Aboriginal Vision leading us in our initiatives.

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How is CN embedding a diversity culture
across its business?


From: Virginie Bronsard
Senior Director, Human Resources

We established three-year hiring goals (2014-2016) for each of the four designated groups, along with targeted outreach initiatives. In 2014, we achieved 61% of our overall three-year goals. We also sensitize our employees on cultural diversity, which in 2014 included celebrating International Woman's Day, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and celebrating Aboriginal Day at three CN locations.