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Our Employee Experience

Our Employee Experience

Over and above the competitive salaries, retirement savings plans and medical benefits we offer, our holistic approach to health reflects our commitment to the physical, mental, financial and professional wellbeing of our railroaders and, by extension, their families.

At CN you’ll have more than just a job; we’ll help you build a stable, rewarding career.

Becoming One of the Best

We know our success as a company depends largely on how we develop our people and help them achieve their full potential.

Throughout your career at CN, you’ll have valuable opportunities to build and hone your leadership skills. The cornerstone of our commitment to developing the best railroaders in the industry is our multi-million dollar investment in two ultramodern CN Campus training facilities.


For many new employees, CN Campus provides a gateway into our safety culture. We work in an environment that can be unforgiving, in which we are accountable not just for our own safety, but that of our peers and the communities our trains pass through. By fostering a mindset where safety is a first instinct, our people look out for each other and work together to ensure we all go home safe to our families.

Sharing Our Success

There is a unique sense of pride and passion among our employees, who treat the company as if it was their own. That’s because it is.

As a publicly-traded company, anyone can purchase CN shares, but thanks to our Employee Share Investment Program, employees who acquire CN shares through payroll deductions also benefit from an additional 35% company match.

Striking the Right Balance

We recognize that people have different preferences and realities when it comes to staying fit. That’s why CN Traction, our corporate wellness program, is all about offering a variety of means to encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including:

  • An online wellness platform to track their steps, activities and personal wellness goals
  • Friendly competitions to participate in with their colleagues
  • Wellness rewards programs
  • Access to free on-site fitness facilities in select work locations
  • Family discounts for local gym memberships

Having Somewhere to Turn to

Personal or work-related challenges can have an impact on family life and job performance. But our people know they’re not alone. Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) connects employees and their family members with free, confidential, 24/7 support, be it for financial or legal matters, mental health concerns or relationship issues.