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Be Part of Something That Matters

enabling supply chains
Enabling Supply Chains

Grain time is go time. Our end-to-end supply chain approach is key to keeping Western Canada’s yearly grain harvest moving smoothly

delivering safely
Delivering Safely and Responsibly

Canapux, a CN innovation, is both a promising answer to the safe and efficient transport of heavy crude, and a potential driver of economic growth

creating value customers
Creating Value for Customers

Thanks to our CargoCool program and its up-to-the-second digital tracking, our customers can make sure their perishable goods are arriving on time and at the right temperature

creating value shareholders
Creating Value for Shareholders

CN has increased its dividend to shareholders every year since our initial Public Offering in November 1995

Be Part of Something That Matters

At CN, we like to say that if you eat it, drive it or use it, chances are we move it.

CN transports 300 million tons of goods annually, touching the lives of millions of people every day. We’re not just a railroad; we’re an economic backbone and a leading North American transportation and logistics company.

And while the women and men propelling CN forward all bring something unique to the table, there is a core set of values we share that guide how we conduct ourselves and, in turn, how we conduct business.

If these principles speak to you like they do to us, explore our career opportunities today.


means demonstrating and promoting exemplary conduct
means challenging and improving existing practices and processes
is working collaboratively and enabling others to achieve common goals

means treating others fairly and respectfully, welcoming diversity of opinions and making people feel valued

is taking responsibility and holding others accountable