1. Know and Obey Railway Signs and Signals

Railway signs and warning devices are installed along roads and at railway crossings to warn drivers and control traffic. They save lives, so get to know what they mean.

Obey all railway signs and warning devices. At railway crossings with active warning devices, remain stopped until the gates are fully raised and the lights stop flashing. Before proceeding through any railway crossing, ensure you have a clear view of the tracks and are certain no other trains are approaching from either direction, or any track. If the lights begin to flash, or the gates start to lower after you start crossing the tracks, don’t stop! It is safer to keep going than to try to reverse.

Learn signs

2. Obey All Police or Flag

If a police o¬fficer or railway ag person is at the crossing, obey their directions. But remember, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure it’s safe to cross the tracks by looking in both directions and listening for an approaching train. signals have ceased and you are certain no other trains are approaching, from either direction, and on any track.