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Important Notices

Important Notices

Gutah British Columbia Incident Trial Decision

On June 2, 2016, CN was found guilty of breaching section 124 of the Canada Labour Code and thereby committed an offence under S 148(1) of the Canada Labour Code, and on March 24, 2016 was ordered to pay the maximum fine of $100,000 in connection with an incident that occurred on a CN siding track on Nov. 28, 2012 at Gutah, British Columbia. The court ruled CN failed to ensure the health and safety of its employee, Bryan Giesbrecht, when it did not give proper notice of a safety device known as a derail located on a siding track at Gutah because the sign was not retroreflective as required by company engineering standards.

Immediately following the accident CN reconfigured the siding track at Gutah by removing the aforementioned derail and replacing it with a stop block. Additionally, following the accident CN located and replaced three other derail signs that were not retroreflective. CN has also implemented a policy that requires that all derail signs and targets be inspected monthly to confirm that they are retroreflective and visible.

 Link to the Trial Decision (PDF)
 Link to the Sentence Decision (PDF)