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Intermodal means versatility – anticipating that extra mile and adapting to it. The intermodal journey harnesses the global reach of vessels, the speed and efficiency of trains and the locality of trucking. One container, three different modes of transportation.

A 500 mile rail journey is more cost-effective than trucking and lower in greenhouse gas emissions. Our Intermodal Container Services help shippers expand their door-to-door market reach. Every link in the supply chain pulls together.

Our Competitive Advantages

A Unique Network Reach

We offer a unique combination of rail services, 21 strategically located Intermodal Terminals and equipment capacity making for fast, cost-effective freight shipments.

Geographically, CN offers the only North American railroad service that extends to three coasts, including competitive services to Mexico, South America and Asia.

Access to Over 75%
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What we Offer

Trucking Services
Getting your cargo the extra mile, delivering to facilities surrounding our terminals.   Learn More
Ports Partnerships
Strong supply chain partnerships with all major ports in Canada and strategic U.S. ports.   Learn More

Temperature Controlled Cargo
CargoCool safely and effectively carries chilled or frozen goods.   Learn More
Custom Brokerage
Experienced licensed brokers available 24/7, full visibility and fast clearance.   Learn More

Transloading, Warehousing and Distribution
A wide range of services and locations to help reach new markets.   Learn More
Logistics Parks
Logistics parks located near big cities and renowned logistic hubs.   Learn More