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The Star of our Automotive Network

No matter the make or model, many cars need a little TLC before they are sent to North American drivers. CN Autoport has been providing the warehousing, distribution and accessorization services needed to make cars driver-ready for over 40 years. Having reached 19 locations across North America, Autoport handles more than 2.6 million import and domestic vehicles annually!

Servicing a Needle in a Haystack

Have you ever lost track of your car in a parking lot? Imagine trying to locate your vehicle in a sea of thousands! With the volume of cars managed daily at our Autoport facilities, we’ve had to develop a highly sophisticated system to monitor the status and position of every single car under our watch.

This system allows us to deliver the most comprehensive range of services available to our automotive partners, including accessorizing and paint and body shop work, making CN Autoport a pivotal player in the Automotive supply chain story.

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