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Creative Solutions - Rail to Truck Bulk Transfer

Imagine you are the product manager for an international chemical company and you have just been placed in charge of finding a way to ship millions of tons of a new liquid  that is a critical ingredient for the production of a compound with huge market potential. The catch? You are located in Fort Saskatchewan and need to ship it to the processing plant in Peoria, Illinois. The liquid can’t be exposed to any contaminants or it will decompose. And since the end product is highly competitive, you must find the most cost-effective way to ship it. Ready? Now go!

These are the kinds of challenges our customers face on a daily basis. So we strive to continuously develop innovative solutions to help our customers overcome their supply chain hurdles and realize their business goals. One of these solutions is Cargoflo. With CN CargoFlo, you get the economy of long-distance rail transportation and the flexibility of short-haul truck delivery.

Find a Terminal Near You

Our CargoFlo and bulk-handling facilities provide transfers between truck and railcar, heating, sampling, rail car storage and many other services.  Our number one priority is moving your goods safely, contaminant-free from origin to destination.

Find a CargoFlo facility

Not only can these CargoFlo distribution centres broaden your reach, they can also enable non-rail-served shippers and receivers to reap the cost benefits of rail transportation.

Benefitting You

The following lists some of the benefits of our CargoFlo solution:

  • Just-in-time deliveries to markets beyond existing service areas
  • State-of-the-art transfer and transportation services
  • Storage options
  • Minimal or no capital expenditures
  • Industry-leading inventory management system, which has EDI capabilities for instantaneous computer-to-computer information exchange.
  • Total quality system to ensure product inspection and testing, product integrity and security
  • Strict operating plans tailored to the needs of your business
  • Added-value through our expanding network of facilities