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Shipping to Mexico

Mexico is growing in record numbers, so it’s no wonder you want to be there, whether it’s your goods, your production or your next vacation, we’re here to help... well, maybe not with your vacation plans, but you catch our drift.

We’re set up at the front and the back of your haul, with a single line connection from Canada, through the United States, straight into Mexico. We can work with you to move through the border quickly and reach all of Mexico, thanks to our unique network and well-established partnerships, like our connection with KCS and CGR’s rail-ferry service.

Not only can we get you there, but we can get you there fast. And you can load heavy. Do you think trucks are the best way to get into this market? Well, think again. Rail is more cost-effective, handles a heavier payload, clears customs quicker and is more fuel-efficient than trucks.