Delivering Responsibly

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Reporting Issues

Who are often the first to realize that there is something seriously wrong at CN? Our people, of course. However, they may be the last to express their concerns, feeling that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues or CN. This is not how we see it.

CN’s Code of Business Conduct encourages and enables employees to raise serious concerns rather than overlooking a problem or “blowing the whistle” outside.

In fact, CN’s Code of Business Conduct requires directors, officers and employees to observe the highest standards of ethical business conduct — when it comes to their duties and responsibilities.

This Code also provides procedures for reporting, in good faith, violations of this Code by any CN employee, customer, supplier, vendor, contractor or partner.

When you comes to us, we promise to take every reasonable step to respond appropriately, promptly and consistently to Code violation complaints* and prevent future wrongdoing.

Ultimately, creating awareness and promoting a culture of integrity and compliance is critical to our success.