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Board Mandate

The Canadian National Railway Company's (“CN”) Board of Directors (the “Board”) has clearly delineated its role and the role of management. The role of the Board is to supervise the management of CN's business and affairs, with the objective of increasing shareholder value. Management's role is to conduct the day-to-day operations in a way that will meet this objective.

In advising management on significant business issues, the Board has formal responsibility for:

  • Approving CN's strategy
  • Assessing and overseeing the succession planning of executive management
  • Monitoring corporate governance issues
  • Monitoring financial matters and internal controls
  • Monitoring pension fund matters
  • Monitoring environmental, safety and security matters

For more detailed information on these responsibilities, refer to the Management Information Circular.

Please refer to the section Mandate of the Board in CN's Corporate Governance Manual (PDF).