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Stepping over the line can be deadly – when it’s our property line. In fact, it can be the deadliest line to cross. In North America, more people are killed each year from trespassing on railroad property than crossing accidents.

It’s why, before you conduct any environmental investigation or monitoring on CN land, you must have an agreement with CN to access its property. This applies to contractors applying for CN property access.

Requirements for Contractors

  • Workplan - Description of the CN property location, including the proposed scope of work and the time frame for the investigation or monitoring activities.
  • Certificate of Insurance - A certificate of insurance is required for either non-operating properties ($5 million limitation of liability) or operating properties ($10 million limitation of liability).
  • Payment - A fee of CA$650.00 will be required to access CN property for an environmental investigation.

Contractors completing work on CN properties must also meet safety requirements and receive CN Safety Watch Program orientation.

Upon CN Approval…

Once you meet these requirements and send your application to CN for approval, an access agreement will be prepared within a period of two weeks (10 working days).