Building for a Sustainable Future
Delivering Responsibly is at the heart of how CN is building for a sustainable future. It means moving customer goods safely and efficiently, being environmentally responsible, attracting and developing the best railroaders, helping build safer, stronger communities, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Building for an Environmentally Sustainable Future

We conduct our operations with minimal environmental impact, while providing cleaner, more sustainable transportation services to our customers.

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Building Safety Into All We Do

We aim to be the safest railroad in North America by establishing an uncompromising safety culture and implementing a management system designed to minimize risk and drive continuous improvement.

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Building a Solid Team of Railroaders

We provide a safe, supportive and diverse work environment where our employees can grow to their full potential and are recognized for their contributions to our success.

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Builiding for Stronger, Safer Communities

We build safer, stronger communities by investing in community development, creating positive socio-economic benefits and ensuring open lines of communication.

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Building for the Highest Standards of Governance

We continuously improve our culture of integrity and ethical business, building trust and confidence with all our stakeholders.

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