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At CN, we've spent the last three years transforming into Supply Chain Enablers for our customers. This approach has allowed us to focus our expertise and services and work closely with our partners, so that each customer can expect more, not less.

More solutions, like the Live Lifts that save precious time at border crossings, along with more innovations like the Matteson Connection through Chicago and more options like access to world markets with offices worldwide and partnerships with the Port of Prince Rupert, the Port of Montreal, and the Port of Halifax, to name a few.

All this to give you more confidence to make better transportation decisions. So if you'd like to experience shipping with difference, simply get in touch with us. We will look after everything for you.

We operate the only transcontinental rail network in North America, connecting the three coasts.

Our extensive rail network has over 32,000 kilometres of track, and spans North America from east to west and north to south.

We own and operate more than 80 warehousing and distribution facilities across North America.

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