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CN's Five Guiding Principles

The foundation of everything we do

CN has five guiding principles that form the foundation of everything we do. Five guiding principles that are “constants” in every plan we create and each decision we make.

Our five guiding principles will continue to move us forward as CN strives to become a true supply chain enabler, working closely with our people, customers and partners to enhance the efficiency, transparency and sustainability of the supply chain.



Service means doing what we say we'll do-every time. Serving the customer is the reason why we are in business. Without satisfied customers there would be no business.



Cost Control means the right and tight management of all expenses.


Asset Utilization means maximizing the use of assets. Every asset has to be working, earning its keep.


Safety means 100% compliance, 100% of the time. The more we focus on the right and safe behaviours, the safer the environment for all our employees.


People are the foundation on which all the other principles are built. It's about making sure people know what is expected of them and have the tools and training to do the job.